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Your donation helps us make these happy tails possible!

Meet Daredevil aka DeeDee. The best blind superhero rescue cat.

@daredevildeedee  -  Turns out I'm kinda famous. Before I lived with Mom and Dad, I was fostered by the wonderful people at @anjelliclecats, and they put me in their calendar. I'm inquiring about my own dressing room. Or maybe just a new cardboard box. #blindcat #blindcatsofindtagram #catsofinstagram #loveisblind #blindcatsrock #daredevil #adoptdontshop #rescuecatsofinstagram

Hamilton in his harness

@Regrann from @bellesprout120  -  Hamilton in his harness
#thecreatorclass #newyork #ny #instagood #potd #instamood #nikon #nikonforever #kitten #kittensofinstagram #adoptdontshop #instacat #meowdel #cute  -

Happy Adoptaversary to our little Tommy!

@Regrann from @urifintzy  -  Happy 2nd #adoptaversary to our little Tommy! The most hilarious, playful, snuggly, fluffy and awesome boy cat and little brother in the world! #tomtom #2years3photos #cat #kitty #catsofinstagram #rollatear (️ mommy @kmvoytko, daddy and the people who brought you to us, @anjelliclecats) #Regrann


Two years ago today I adopted my sweet princess Maggie, formerly known as Magwai. Maggie is silly, funny and very talkative. I never know where I’ll find her in the house since she doesn’t sleep in the same spot more than once a day. Maggie loves her kitty sister Honey Bun. They are best friends and partners in crime. I can never catch them in the act because they take turns being the “look out” and alert one another when I am coming. They spend hours grooming each other and chasing one another around the house. Maggie also loved her kitty brother Mr. Orange, who passed away from multiple myeloma on July 21, 2012. She always groomed his forehead and the tip of his tail. Honey Bun and Maggie both sensed he was sick, especially Maggie. The morning I had to bring him to be euthanized, she stayed in the room with him, lying in front of him with her paws on top of his, as if she was trying to comfort him. When I put him in the carrier to bring him to the vet, she licked his forehead one last time. About 9 months ago I hurt my back. I was in a lot of pain and Maggie never left my side. When I would walk up or down the stairs, she walked side by side with me, never going onto the next step until I did, the whole time never taking her eyes off of me, no matter how long it took. Maggie is currently Pet of the Month at our vet’s!    Thank you so much for my sweet Maggie! She has brought so much joy into my life.


This is one of my PoDR fosters, Booboo.  

I call her Beulah, much more dignified for a lady, especially at 10+ years old!

The first pic is her ACC "before"; as a "geriatric aggressive" she came in filthy, smelly, with severe head tilt/raging ear infection, stumbling gate, maggots in her ear and on top of her head, and she wouldn't let anyone get near her. The list goes on... 

Now she lets me hold her and purrs up a storm while being pet. She spends most of her time sleeping in the warm spots and watching the other cats. Its obvious at one time she was a house-cat who was dumped long ago in another life. I wish her former people could have seen her the way she came in, and how she is now. Then they could see what they're missing!

Thank you to Anjellicle for taking a chance on a most deserving little lady. How she made it up to when she was brought in is a mystery; she would never have made it through this winter. If you ever wonder if it's worth it to foster or adopt a cat who's a reclamation project, do it!!! 

You will not regret it.    

Best, Courtney


In October 2011, a few months after our beloved cat Charlie passed away, we saw Johnny¹s sweet tabby face on the Anjellicle Cats website; we knew he was the one we wanted to join our family. The volunteers at Anjellicle Cats were beyond helpful; their professional demeanor, accessibility and loving care made the adoption process a smooth one. In just a few weeks, Johnny brought so much love and boundless energy into our home. He has a never ending fascination with our pug, Luke, and is a rough and tumble boy with a heart of gold. He loves lots of kisses after exploring every nook of our apartment and pouncing on the dog.

The next step was to find a companion kitty for Johnny, and in just one week,  Bree has fit the bill. Her description on the website was spot on. She is a sweet, mischievous mush ball, who loves to steal toys and run away with them. She and Johnny are natural playmates and sleep on top of one another. It is beyond cute and heartwarming. 


The funny thing is, while they came from separate foster homes, they look almost like identical twins and are less than a month apart in age. We hope that Johnny  and Bree are as happy in our home as we  are to have them here. 


Thank you, Anjellicle Cats, for rescuing Johnny and Bree and thanks to Johnny and Bree¹s foster parents Max and Kristina, who took such great care of them. You are are doing much needed and remarkable work.

Lori and Steve Chaiken, New York, NY


I adopted Lola and Toby (they had different names when I got them) a little over a year ago. They were approximately 2 and 3 months old at the time. Lola was very shy and scared in the beginning whereas Toby was the outgoing, boisterous kitty he still is. Since then, Lola has come into her own personality and become much more social. Toby is still crazy and runs all over my apartment, but is also sweet and nuzzles me. They're both very sweet kitties and I love having them to come home to, full of love and 100% happy to see me. Lola follows me around the apartment as I clean up and do chores and Toby still acts like a kitten, getting into everything. Even though they're not actually related, they get along really well - playing, running around and sleeping together. Even playing together, they're very sweet with each other so I never have to worry about leaving them alone together. My parents and sister have come a couple of times to visit and absolutely adore them; and vice versa. My Mom has spoiled them rotten by buying them toys and feeding them canned food constantly while she's here. They're an absolute joy to have and I'm very glad I adopted them. Thanks, Savannah


My wife and I met Lars (then ’Dusty’) while volunteering with the rabbits right next to the Anjellicles at the back of the 86th Street Petco. We recognized his sweet disposition immediately and were in love from the start. But the stars seemed to align even more - my wife is Estonian, and when we realized that our blonde, blue eyed beauty was a Norwegian Forest Cat, we couldn’t help but wonder how fitting it all seemed; a Nordic cat for a Nordic girl. We were thrilled when not two weeks later we were able to welcome Lars into our home and our hearts. Lars came to us underweight, with heavy dandruff and his coat matted and full of tangled knots. He was also prone to pillage and plunder everything in the apartment (he is of Viking descent, after all). Just over a year later, we’ve all relocated to Estonia and our little ‘weege’ has come into his own. His coat still gets knots, but much much less (and he now has an attentive mommy and daddy to help him out with his grooming), his blue eyes sparkle and have a look of satisfaction, and he is growing to love love more and more each day. He has also discovered the great outdoors (on a harness of course!) and is enjoying life here in his ancestral region of the Arctic North. I, my wife, and Lars’ older brother Alfred (an American shorthair from Brooklyn) are all very lucky to have this sweet boy in our life. Thanks Anjellicle!

FELIX - The Wonderful Cat!

It’s been two years since I adopted Felix: The Wonderful Cat into my family. Abused by his original owners, I was nervous about taking in a cat with such a sad history. However, everyone at Anjellicle assured me he was as gentile as he looked and ready for the next chapter in his life. Since adopting Felix, he has brought me so much joy! Felix is the perfect companion and everyone can’t help but tell me how adorable he is. Felix is very social and loves to curl-up under my chin when I pick him up to fawn all over him and give him the love and attention he deserves. Felix purrs louder than ever now but still refuses to tell me where he’s going all dressed-up in his tuxedo. Love, Orlando


Kit was six months old when I adopted her in February 2010. I fell in love with her photo and the description that said that she was on the euthanasia list, but was rescued by Angellicle Cats and fostered by a wonderful couple with other foster cats and dogs. I went all the way to Connecticut on the train to pick her up. Soon afterwards she mourned with me when my elderly cat Magic died, and when I brought home two kittens several months later, you would have thought she gave birth to them herself. She followed, groomed and nurtured them and continues to do so to this day, a year and a half later. The first is the photo of Kit shortly after she was rescued. The other one is Kit being Kit - loving, affectionate, playful and comical. God Bless Anjellicle Cats Rescue! My donation is a pittance compared to the treasures that Kit brings to my life every day.  Thank you, Kathleen


My mother and I adopted "Nala", now Milo, 2 yrs ago from Anjelliclecats. He was about 7 and is the Love of Our Lives! My mother is a senior and moved in with me a few years ago and we wanted a rescue "AARP" like us. He hugs, kisses and is the center of our lives and home - as he should be. Thank you so very much for rescuing this precious sprit. Sincerely, Marilyn & Mildred


Bunny joined our family in May of 2010. She is about a year and a half now. Bunny is a little confused about her feline identity and her canine tendencies but nonetheless she is great little sister to our dog Mocha and and invaluable member of our family. Best, Leyla & Chris 


We adopted Ruki (formerly Lizzie) from you in July when she was only a little baby thing. She is still an active kitten and the love of our lives. She will play with anything she can find, pouncing and batting until claiming her treasure (usually a puffy ball) and running around the house with it, holding her head high. She is also a love munchkin and and wants nothing more than to be around us. This includes getting lost in the house and calling from where she is until I answer her and she can scurry to where I am. She particularly loves my boyfriend's beard and will climb on the couch, the counter, and up his legs until settling happily on his shoulder to rub on his face. Everyday I look forward to getting home from work and sitting down to read or watch TV with Ruki coming to nestle in my lap. She is the sweetest, cutest, little thing and we are so happy to have found her!


Mikey's story is one of hardship and obstacles overcome. After one unsuccessful adoption, Mikey ended being back in the kill-shelter after his owner surrendered him. Thankfully he had a microchip and we were notified just in time. Then he had to overcome a severe illness and confinement of many months in a cage of our catroom. After finding a foster home, he made a mad bid for freedom and escaped through a window, only to be trapped by another rescue and returned to us - again! Finally one of our staff members took pity on him and brought him home to a wonderful family of cats, dogs and birds. Trusting people took some time for him, but now he is happy in his new home. Thank you, Heike!


Becky AKA Precious herself sent us a note recently:

“I am thrilled with my new mom Elaine and step-sister-cat Hannah. The food we eat is really good and as a result, I have gained a few pounds in my short tenure here. I get a lot of hugs and kisses, and mom bought lots of toys for us to play with together. As for Hannah, well that’s taking more time. Since Hannah always lived with Mom, she did not like me the first few days I was there, and growled at me a lot. But, I soon got tired of her negative attitude and was not about to let her boss me around. After all, I wanted to stay, so, I stood up to her. And guess what? Hannah stopped being so angry and began to accept me. Now we share our mom without too much angst. Thanks Anjellicle for rescuing me and finding me such a great mom and step-sister. In my new family, I feel loved and protected. I really am a happy cat.”


Mickey and Minnie (a boy) were rescued from the city shelter where their time was up. They spent some time, happily, in a foster home where they did everything in tandem. Due to unforeseen circumstances they were split up. Mickey spent his time in our cat room, and Minnie ended up being boarded at the vet after ear surgery, for many, many months, where he was miserable. Adoption prospects for two nine year old cats were slim, especially together. Mickey was then fostered in New Jersey by a woman who adored him, but her cats were not exactly welcoming. Mickey loves other cats. Miraculously, a wonderful couple looking for an older set of cats met Mickey, and agreed to take both of them. But the story wasn’t over yet. It was determined that Mickey needed surgery for an ear polyp, adding another few weeks onto this process. Finally he was ready to be picked up at the vet along with Minnie. They were brought to our adoption event at Petco. Minnie's carrier was opened and placed into a large cage. Mickey was let out of his carrier and into the same cage. He immediately crawled in with Minnie and they lay together quietly for an hour and a half. They spent the night with a volunteer and in the morning, Mickey was sitting on top of Minnie’s carrier. They were dropped at their new home in New Jersey and have lived happily ever after since! Thank you Kimberly, Celeste, Donna and adoptive parents Clay and Kim for making this remarkable thing happen for these two boys! SAD UPDATE: MINNIE DIED IN JUNE 2013 BC OF A STROKE. THE ANJELLICLES ARE VERY SAD! :(


I adopted them in Jan. 2010 from a ACR foster. Quinny was found in Harlem and on the table to be euthanize when ACR came in and resuced her. Lulu was found in Brooklyn with her mother and brother and all three were rescued as well by ACR. Quinny with her slight crossed eyes and cutie pie Lulu are the best thing in the world!!! Quinn was actually part of the NYC Mayors Alliance for adoptable pets which I was not aware of till after I adopted her and Lulu. I got in touch with the photographer, Evan Kafka, and he invited Quinny back with Lulu for another shoot! It was a lot of fun. If you go to his site you will see three of Quinny including her Mayor Alliance photo, and one of lovely Lulu and her striking good looks. (click on the "animals" link on the left: Both kitties have very different personalities. Quinny is spunky and fully of energy. Lulu is quiet, sweet and likes to use her paw to drink from the water bowl.

I had a wonderful experience with ACR. Kathryn (the director) and Amy B (the foster mom I adopted them from) were very responsive when I had questions. I can't thank them enough. I think my good friend said it best when I told her it took me a while to find my kitties. She said to me that "they (Quinn and Lulu) were looking for me."  -Lisa P

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